Mapex 10/12/14/16/22 Saturn Evolution Workhorse Birch/Walnut Drum Kit Set in Gun Metal Grey Lacquer w/ Black Nickel Hardware


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Here we have a brand new Mapex 10/12/14/16/22 Saturn Evolution Workhorse Birch/Walnut Drum Kit Set in Gun Metal Grey Lacquer with Black Nickel hardware!

This kit features the revolutionary "Halo" mount, a lateral, unique "under lug-line" suspension system, which unlocks the freedom of full resonance and allows the drum to sing with an open, pure tone.

The Adjustment Knob acts as a built-in Equalizer that can slightly dampen the resonance of the shell, producing a tighter and quicker decay. Whether you like to go dry in a jazz gig, or sound huge in a packed arena, the Saturn Evolution has the whole package for you.

Crafted from a Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shell - First introduced as a special edition in 2012, the Birch/Walnut hybrid shell has made its return to the Saturn Evolution line with Design Lab features. The new shell formula perfectly combines the sonic characteristics of walnut with articulate punch of birch, delivering a Dark, Punchy, Dry sound.

Also feature's Mapex's Chamber Specific Design - Plies which have progressively thicker depths that graduate by 1/2”, and since the bearing edges change as the drums get larger in diameter. The combination of all of these details creates an amazing symphony in one kit, where each and every drum sounds perfect!

Drum Sizes (Depth x Diameter)

  • 8x10" Rack Tom

  • 9x12" Rack Tom

  • 14x14" Floor Tom

  • 16x16" Floor Tom

  • 18x22" Bass Drum

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