PDP PDCM20FN 10/12/14/20 Concept Maple Drum Shell Pack in Satin Olive

PDP PDCM20FN 10/12/14/20 Concept Maple Drum Shell Pack in Satin Olive


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Here we have a brand new PDP 10/12/14/20 Concept Maple Drum Shell Pack in Satin Olive!

For years, DW's PDP Concept Maple series has been a major player in the realm of high-performance drum kits priced for the working drummer. And thanks to their reformulated shells and upgraded visuals, today's Concept Maple shell packs look and play sweeter than ever!

From their all-maple shells right down to their graduated hoops and True-Pitch tension rods, every component of these kits has been influenced by DW's American-made masterpieces. Remo heads, DW-inspired Dual Turret lugs, and newly redesigned PDP round badges give each shell an inspired look and tone straight out of the box!

From the beginner to the gigging professional, drummers at all stages in their careers are discovering the sound and performance they've been searching for in PDP Concept Maple shell packs!

These kits come highly recommended by drummers due to their premium shells, DW-quality hardware, and smart-sized kit configurations, built to meet the needs of today's players!

The latest Concept Maple kits are built from hard, dense European maple to deliver studio-worthy tone and stage-ready projection. Brushwork to stickwork, ghost notes to gock shots, these shells are engineered to come across loud and clear under close mics or unplugged. The toms and kick drum pack an enveloping low end that can be tailored with head choice to suit a wide range of stylistic needs!

Drum Sizes: 

  • 8x10" Rack Tom
  • 9x12" Rack Tom
  • 14x14" Floor Tom
  • 16x20" Bass Drum
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