RARE Gretsch Gold-Plated Lightning Strainer & Butt Plate Pair (G5379G and G5375G)


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Check out this rare set of Gretsch Gold-Plated Lightning Strainer & Butt Plate!

Regarding the hole pattern, the butt is 2 vertical holes spaced 1" 3/8 apart, and the throwoff is 3 holes in a triangle pattern with the top two being 1" apart and the third being 1" 5/16ths from the others height.

Gretsch's hardware is world renowned for its classy, easy to use, and reliable qualities, and now can be yours in the brilliant gold finish we have them in!

Backing screws are not included as shells vary in thickness from shell to shell and backing screw lengths differ because of this. 

There's only a limited amount of these left, so get them while you can!

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