Gruv-X X-Click - Maple Burl Yamaha Groove Wedge Alternative Developed by Russ Miller & Bill D.


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Hand Crafted, High Tech.

This is the tagline of GRUV-X, a new venture founded in 2020 by International artist Russ Miller and veteran drum builder Bill Detamore. Miller is globally known as one of the top session and touring drummers of the past 25+ years. Along this career path, and having a second interest in architectural engineering, he has developed a penchant for inventing musical products and accessories. Russ has developed over 80 products with different companies in the music instrument manufacturing business. Enter drum builder extraordinaire Bill Detamore who founded Pork Pie Drums, a custom drum and accessory manufacturer, in the 1980’s. Pork Pie has been creating some of the industry’s most sought after, USA made, hand instruments and accessories.

The brain child of both Miller and Detamore, Gruv-X launched it’s first product line in November of 2020, with the “X-Click, Extreme Cross Stick Percussion Accessory”. The Gruv-X, X-Click, is a completely new approach and a technological advanced instrument. The X-Click is a hybrid formula of 24-plies of American rock maple and copper in a trapezoid shaped body, with a proprietary new design for mounting, called the “Mono Mount”. This revolutionary design gives expanded volume and boosted low-frequencies to the cross stick sound on any drum. This helps the cross stick tone with execution consistency and also gives it a better “nominal listening value” (or common volume) to the snare drum backbeat sound. This helps audio engineers by eliminating the need to ride the snare drum mic channel, live and in the studio. The Mono-Mount fits drums from a 10” 6 -lug, to a 15” 8-lug and everything in between. Gruv-X also has the “Mono-Mount Expansion pack”, which includes two additional mono mounts, that allows the player to have cross stick sounds on a diameter as small as an 8” snare drum! The expansion pack also allows the user to adjust the distance from the drum for longer stick lengths. Thirty of the top drum artists in the industry, have come out of the gate as Gruv-X , X-Click endorsees: Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Gavin Harrison, Jo Jo Mayer, Ray Luzier and a host of others. Gruv-X has a series of new products in the line-up coming in 2021 and beyond! All are handmade in the U.S.A, with all U.S.A. produced parts. The X-Click is drumming and percussion technology at it’s finest and is sure to become another ‘must have’ product in the drum industry! Welcome to Gruv-X!

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