MalletKAT GS Pro 3-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller

MalletKAT GS Pro 3-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller


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Check out the new MalletKAT GS Pro 3-Octave Keyboard Percussion Controller!

The MalletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller. The MalletKAT Pro offers a standard 3-octave design which can be expanded to 4 or 5 octaves.

  • Optimized Line Level Output: There are two TRS (balanced) 1/4″ stereo audio outputs on the back of the unit. Left channel can also act as a summed-mono channel.
  • Separate Headphone Output: A front panel features, a 1/4″ phone jack with a dedicated rotating knob for headphone volume adjustment.
  • Dedicated Reverb: The single most requested feature is now here! There is also a dedicated reverb knob on the front panel.
  • Inline Audio Merge: The malletKAT GS also has 1/4″ stereo inputs that will merge its audio with the malletKAT. Now you can practice with other players or play with CD's and hear it on your headphones or remote speakers.
  • The malletKAT GS is packed with an expanded collection of over 1000 instruments using over 14,000 samples. Moreover, these instruments were curated and tailored to respond to the articulations, gestures, and dynamics of a mallet player - not a keyboardist. You WILL notice a difference.
  • Chromatic Percussion
  • Latin Percussion
  • World Percussion
  • Chinese, Indian, African, Brazilian, Middle Eastern Percussion.
The typical sounds you are used to getting are still included! Such as pianos, keyboards, organs, basses, guitars, ethnic stringed instruments, brass and woodwinds, strings, accordions, choir effects, and synthesizer pads and effects.

  • A complete GM (General MIDI) sound library that can be accessed by any MIDI instrument via the malletKAT's MIDI IN connection.
  • From time to time, sound library updates will become available. Our sound module can be updated with a simple Flash Stick that plugs into our NEW USB input on the back of the malletKAT GS. (Not available on GS Upgrades)
  • Updated User Kits: The new 127 User Kits have been created to utilize the immense power of the malletKAT built in. Each Kit has 4 stored settings for Controller Parameters such as Reverb, Chorus, Brightness, and Envelope settings.
  • Built in Metronome
  • Layered Sounds
  • Velocity Shifted Sounds
  • Split Keyboard Sounds
  • Special Percussion Non-Chromatic Layouts
  • Use of Warp Modes
  • Velocity Controlled Gate Times
  • Velocity Gate
  • Dampen Modes
  • Crossfading
  • Chain Accessibility

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