NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Rock Full Pack 10-12-14-16 with bass and cymbals. Electronic Drums


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NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Rock Full Pack

The sound
module features 16-bit/44.1 KHz on-board samples which produce Advanced
Drum Emulation. The range has been developed along with the expert help
of session star Russ Miller and e-drum guru John Emrich and promises
full stereo WAV samples with full frequency response. The bass drum
samples sustain a wider frequency response throughout the length of the
note compared to typical electronic kits, resulting in a fuller sound
and more power. Cymbal sounds also feature full sounds instead of a
short sample with loop points and a false fade resulting in a smoother
and more realistic sound.

The pads themselves are multi-zone
products. So, taking the snare as an example, you can trigger a fat
snare sound, a rimshot and a cross stick. Cymbals, meanwhile, are able
to be choked.

Your set will be in the factory boxes and un played.

The Rock Pack features 10", 12", 16" toms, a 14" snare, hats, ride and crashes.

Acoustic Shells, Stands, and Headphones NOT Included.

Any questions just give us a call : Bentley's Drum Shop

Don't Let This Awesome Rock Pack Pass You By!!!

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