Noble & Cooley/Zildjian 380th Anniversary 4.75x14" Zildjian Alloy Snare Drum #3

Noble & Cooley

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YES, this is the 3rd one ever made! This snare drum is new old stock, and in perfect condition. Original parts all throughout, with original heads, in the factory box, with the mint condition certificate of authenticity. 03-003 is inscribed on the inside, referring to the year it was made, and 003 being the #3 drum in the series.  This drum is renowned for being a member of the 2nd generation of collaboration snares Noble & Cooley and Zildjian have made together. The proprietary Zildjian cymbal bronze alloy used in this drum, mixed with the amazing build quality from N&C results in a drum that speaks loud and proud! Bronze snares are legendary for their presence and use in the studio, and this is your chance to get one of the most special ones ever made. There is some slight patina on just the inside of the drum that has developed over the 16 years this drum has existed for, and the top head is only slightly scratched from having a picture frame on top of it. The only owner of this drum was a distribution company manager, who decided to hold onto this drum instead of selling it. It never traded hands until it landed with us, an authorized Noble & Cooley and Zildjian dealer.  Don't let this incredible collectors item and piece of history pass you by!

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