Paiste 14/18" PST 3 Essential Cymbal Set Pack


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Here we have a brand new Paiste 14/18" PST 3 Essential Set with a FREE Paiste T-Shirt! The 13/18" PST 3 Essential Cymbal Set includes a pair of 14" Hi-Hats and an 18" Crash/Ride! The 14" PST 3 Hi-Hats are medium bright, clean, full. Fairly narrow range, somewhat complex mix. Even, balanced feel. Bright, full, controlled open sound. Mellow, defined chick sound with a slight hiss. All-purpose hi-hat with a good controllable overall feel! The 18" PST 3 Crash/Ride is energetic, full and focused. Somewhat narrow range, fairly clean mix. Even, balanced feel. Multi-purpose cymbal with fast, powerful crash and soft, mellow ride qualities! The Paiste T-Shirts are available in sizes Small-3XL, so message us your t-shirt size once you have purchased this cymbal for your FREE shirt! Don't let this deal pass you by!

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