Rogers 6.5x14" Dyna-Sonic Maple Snare Drum in Piano Black Lacquer w/ Beaver Tail Lugs


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Wow! The legendary Rogers Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum has returned! This is a Rogers 6.5x14" Dyna-Sonic Custom Built Maple Snare Drum in Piano Black Lacquer with Beavertail Lugs!

This snare uses the same proprietary Rogers formula from 1962: 5-ply maple shell (select North American Hardwood) with reinforcement rings!

Known for their miraculous hardware developments and ingenuity, Rogers Drum's Dyna-Sonic snares are the epitome of snare wire sensitivity and tuning. The rail unit is a "choke-free" mechanism, meaning that a tighter snare wire does not choke the bottom head!

In addition, a classic internal muffler gives you built in muffling capabilities, giving you the option to dial in the exact amount of ring or dryness you're looking for. The result is an amazing tone that has left the classic Dyna-Sonics in great standing among players and collectors alike. It also comes with Rogers' amazing Beaver Tail Lugs!

Now, with the return of this official legend, don't wait to experience a versatility and tone like nothing else!


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