Sonor 12/16/22 SQ1 Series Drum Kit Set in GT Black w/ Satin Hoops


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Here we have a brand new Sonor 12/16/22 SQ1 Series Drum Kit Set in GT Black with Satin Hoops!

This drum set is constructed from 100% European Birch Shells because of its sound characteristics being balanced in low, mid and high frequencies, birch shells provide the most versatile sounding drum which is why it's very popular for studio recordings as well as live performances!

Each drum is equipped with Sonor's tune safe system which provides maximum tuning stability on the 45 degree bearing edges! The new Sound Sustainer technology enables complete isolation of the metal mount and the wooden shell which guarantees a particularly long lasting and clean decaying sustain!

Drum Sizes for this SQ1 Configuration:

  • 8x12" Rack Tom (12" drum head)
  • 15x16" Floor Tom (16" drum head)
  • 17x22" Bass Drum (22" drum head)

Stands are NOT included!

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