Walberg & Auge 6.5x14" USA Made Snare Drum in Black Pearl

Walberg & Auge

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Here is a Walberg & Auge 6.5x14 Black Pearl Snare Drum!!

The shell is a 3 ply, with 2ply rings made in Worchester, Massachusetts. Looking at the drum, the previous owner may have swapped the strainer and then put the original back on, but we are unsure. The black pearl wrap is beautiful and busy, with no seam separation either. The top tension rods are not original, nor is the Ludwig butt plate. The interior has an interesting black finish as well as is shown in the pictures.

History & Fun Stuff:

Established in 1903, Walberg and Auge started as a drum manufacturing company and a musical instrument repair shop in Worcester Massachusetts. W&A eventually started innovating, designing and manufacturing drum hardware for W&A drum sets and other drum companies such as Gretsch, Ludwig, Rogers, Slingerland, Leedy, Camco and Kent.

W&A also innovated and manufactured many sound effect instruments/contraptions used in the silent film industry.

W&A used the components that they could acquire at any given time. They may have also made drums to order to the specs given by the buyer. This latter scenario is rather unlikely from what I've learned because W&A drum sets were sold regionally in New England to accommodate students and local drummers at lower prices than the brands whose components were parts of the W&A drums.

They were true Frankensteins of the finest kind. Just think of all the possibilities of drums you could make in the 50's--70's with components of your choosing from Rogers, Ludwig, and Gretsch. And, on top of that, your own machine shop is capable of making metal and mechanical parts of your own design.

Don't let this deal pass you by!

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