Dixon Cajon, Cocktail, Auxiliary Percussion, Remote Pedal Plus 3 (PPCPP)

Dixon Cajon, Cocktail, Auxiliary Percussion, Remote Pedal Plus 3 (PPCPP)


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Here we have a brand new Dixon Cajon, Cocktail, Auxiliary Percussion, Remote Pedal Plus!

Dixon understands drummers, and knows that versatility and control is as key an attribute for a product as great sound and durable construction. The new Cajon Pedal Plus is a multi-function remote foot pedal that delivers incredible percussive flexibility. It can be mounted easily to a Cajon, but can also clamp onto most cymbal stands to manipulate other drums and effects!

“The most exciting part of introducing a product like Cajon Pedal Plus to the market is seeing how drummers and percussionist worldwide will integrate it into their set ups and the rhythms and sounds which will result,” says Jim Uding, Dixon Brand Manager. “Cajon Pedal Plus is a great example of Dixon’s commitment to advance the art of drumming.”

The Dixon Cajon Pedal Plus is designed to attach easily to a Cajon without clamping, and features an exclusive detachable beater post, allowing it to attach to stands and other surfaces. It comes standard with a soft foam beater, a color box with graphics, and an instruction manual. Like all Dixon products, the Cajon Pedal Plus is constructed to the highest quality standards!

Wilco's Glenn Kotche gave an interview in the January 2013 issue of Percussive Notes, in which he cited Max Roach as an influence to his multi-percussion approach to the drumset: "[Roach] called drumset the original multicultural and multiple percussion instrument, and that's exactly what it is." If you ever have the good fortune to watch Kotche play, you'll learn quickly that the only limit to what he strikes, hits, scrapes, or taps is his imagination! All of us drummers, or rather multi-percussionists, are free to explore a similar level of creative music making, and if you're looking for something to fuel your imagination, consider checking out Dixon's new Cajon Pedal Plus ($99). You're probably thinking, How is a cajon pedal going to inspire me to do anything but play cajon? It's that little word plus in the name that should clue you in. In addition to its functionality as a cable-driven cajon pedal, this handy piece of hardware boasts the ability to have the beater post removed from the base and mounted to any tube from 10.5 mm to 38.10 mm in diameter. What does that mean for you? Well, during our testing of the Cajon Pedal Plus we were able to mount the beater to a tambourine, a cowbell, a Zildjian 18" Spiral cymbal, and the bottom of a floor tom to convert it to a cocktail-style bass drum. Almost anything we wanted to strike with a beater was now a possibility!

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