Meinl B21DDCR 21" Byzance Dark Matt Halpern Signature Double-Down Crash/Ride Cymbal


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Here we have the brand new Matt Halpern Double Down Crash Ride !

The Matt Halpern Signature Double Down Crash-Ride is a versatile and dynamic, hand-hammered cymbal which fully functions as both a ride and crash when needed. Plus, it features a powerful and cutting bell to punch through a full band mix. Because this cymbal opens so easily, it is a fantastic choice for crash-riding and big single crash accents. The combination of the dark, unlathed top and lathed bottom creates a unique blend of sustain and control. Additionally, some light sandblasting on top reduces the overtones for a decay that quickly gets out of the way.

“I needed this cymbal to be extremely dynamic in that it was loud enough to pierce through the intensity of Periphery’s sound, but also decay quick enough to not overpower the vocals or other instruments while performing live. I’ve used it in live shows, multiple sized studio rooms, and different genres, and I can confidently say, it does exactly what I hoped for in each of those settings.”


  • B20 bronze alloy
  • Hand hammered for an unique sound
  • Fantastic for crash-riding and big single accents
  • Designed in collaboration with Matt Halpern
  • 21" Byzance Dark Double Down Crash Ride B21DDCR

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