Here is a brief list of brands we are dealers for!

(Not a full list, we're dealers for even more!)
 aquarian drumheads
 audix microphones and audio
 axis percussion
 beato bags
 canopus drums
 Clearsonic manufacturing
 cympad cymbal accessories
 Dw Drum Workshop
 Efnote electronic drums
 Evans Drumheads
 Gator cases
 gibraltar hardware
 Gretsch drums
 Kat Percussion
 kickport bass drum accessories
 Los Cabos Drumsticks
 LP Latin Percussion
 Ludwig Drums
 Mapex Drums
 Meinl Cymbals
 Paiste cymbals
 pdp pacific drums
 Pearl drums and hardware
 Pork Pie Percussion
 Promark sticks
 Protection Racket
 puresound snare wires
 Remo Drumheads
 Rogers Drums
 Sabian Cymbals
 Sela percussion
 SKB cases
 Sonor drums
 Tama drums
 Toca percussion
 Traps Drums
 Tree Works
 Ufip ear created cymbals
 Vater drumsticks
 Wincent drum keys and accessories
 Wuhan Gongs and cymbals
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