Dana's Portrait 

Dana Bentley


Dana Bentley was in the 5th grade when he started playing the drums at his local elementary school on the central coast of California. His parents gave him his first snare drum when he was in the sixth grade and his first drum set while in the 7th grade.

Dana played in the marching band, jazz band, and concert band all through jr.high and high school. Even as a youngster Dana was always interested in the anatomy of the drum itself; how it worked and how to make it sound good. While still in high school Dana recovered his first drum set and began buying, selling, and trading drums. That's where it all started.

Then in 1992, twenty-six year old Dana packed up everything in his beat-up 1970 BMW and moved to Fresno to open his dream drum shop. That same year, Bentley's Drum Shop opened with eight drum sets and less money than the tax on Donald Trump's worst car. That was when Dana was still parting his hair on the right!

Since then Bentley's has experienced incredible growth and success in the percussion industry. Today Bentley's Drum Shop is an award winning Five-Star drum shop with customers all over the world!


We would like to thank all of our great customers and employees over the years that have lead us to where we are today. We look forward to the future and many more years ahead of us! 

 Jeff Bergen Portrait

Jeff Bergen

Salesman / Shipping / Customer Service

Jeff grew up in Clovis, California. He started playing the drums at the age of 7, and started his first band Lyric in 1980. In 1986, he started playing with the band Fanatiks, and in 2015 he formed the band 3rd Rock! 

Jeff plays Tama/DW/Crush drums with Zildjian and Sabian cymbals.

His favorite band is Van Halen and his favorite drummer is Neil Peart.

Mark Temple Portrait

Mark Temple

Salesman / Shipping / Customer Service

King of All Social Media for Bentley's Drum Shop. Mark has been a part of the Bentley's Drum Shop folklore since 1995. He volunteers his time to the store to help whenever he can.

He was Postal Demolition Derby 2005 Champ. Currently, he plays, practices, and rehearses as much as possible so he can become more than the "Norm" of the store.

Alexis Rodriguez Portrait

Alexis Rodriguez

Online & Store Sales / Customer Service / Social Media

Alexis has been drumming since the age of 12 where she started on concert snare but when her church's youth group was in need of a drummer, she began taking lessons from the drummer at her church!

She was involved with her high school's marching band where her love for music grew!

Alexis loves taking every opportunity to advance her skills as a musician and be as well-rounded in different genres of music as possible!

She proudly plays Gaai Drums (pronounced as Guy) equipped with TAMA Hardware, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks & Aquarian Drumheads!

Her favorite drummers are Carter McLean, Anika Nilles & Kaz Rodriguez! 


Miles Hernandez

Photographer / Shipping / Social Media

Miles started playing drums at 10 years old all because of Guitar Hero. After playing the drums on the game he played a real kit at a music store and the rest was history.

He was in Marching and Concert percussion from middle through high school at Clovis East High as well as jazz ensemble and jazz combos. He was also part of the jazz ensemble at Fresno City College.

During his progression, he's been a part of many musical acts including; Monsanto (Latin/funk) TOMA! (Latin/funk) Perception (Metalcore) Farooq (Hardcore) A Better Way (Pop Punk) Cornerstone Church (contemporary worship) and Selma Arts (Musical Theater). Playing everything and excelling at all styles is what Miles strives for!

Miles proudly plays DW Drums & Hardware, Zildjian Cymbals, Promark Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads.

His favorite drummers are Benny Greb, Larnell Lewis and Connor Dennis!

Mark Kerber

Drum Repairs / Restorations / Custom Hardware

Mark has repaired and restored hardware and drums from the craziest of conditions and turned them into pieces of art! 

He loves restoring drums and learning about each drum he repairs! 

If you want a bass drum pedal or hi hat stand customized to a special finish/color, Mark can do that! 

 Mark plays DW Drums and Evans Drumheads but he loves trying out new things and expanding his knowledge on drums!

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