Meinl Byzance Vintage Series Equilibrium Hi Hats (Matt Garstka Signature) B14EQH


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Here's Matt Garstka's long awaited and brand new signature Equilibrium Hi-Hats! Meinl cymbals' unmistakable character is on full display in this quality instrument, and is perfect for any situation. 

Matt Garstka is a force of nature behind the kit, and as such requires ultimate versatility from his selection of cymbals. His goal with these hi-hats was to pursue equilibrium among all of this cymbals characteristics; a solid foot 'chick', the perfect sloshy/open sound, clear yet nuanced tip attack, and an edge sound with present and wide response. In order to achieve the balance that all of these sounds have, Meinl developed a combination of sandblasting, lathing, raw sections, and holes for ventilation in the bottom hat that create a perfect mix of all you could look for in a pair of hi hats.

From jazz to metal, from stadium gigs to coffee shops, and any recording session you could imagine, these cymbals have the sounds you're looking for!

Don't let this deal pass you by!

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