Zildjian Alchem-E Series Electronic Drum Set

"The world’s most immersive electronic drumming experience, 400 years in the making… "

Zildjian has created the most realistic, authentic, immersive playing experience with a full range of electronic hybrid kits. Each kit showcases the revolutionary Zildjian E-FAMILY cymbals and the feature-filled Zildjian E-VAULT (ZEV1) drum module. Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series electronic drum kits use the industry’s most responsive triggering configuration, allowing you to play with unparalleled nuance and realism.

Whether you’re an aspiring drummer looking to level up your experience or a seasoned pro wanting the ultimate in authenticity, or anywhere in between, the lineup of Zildjian ALCHEM-E Series kits has you covered.

Featuring the Bronze, Gold, & Gold EX!

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