Paiste 22" Masters Series Dark Flat Top Ride Cymbal *IN STOCK*


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Check out this brand new to 2022, Paiste 22" Masters Series Dark Flat Top Ride!

Darker, Smokier Touch for Your Ride

  • The aptly named Dark Flat Ride from Paiste’s Masters series adds some subtle dusky elements to your ride sound.
  • Made from Paiste’s traditional bronze formula, the resulting tone of this ride is a darker, warmer effect with a smokey and lightly trashy wash. Its soft volume and medium weight allow for a mellow response with excellent control, making it a great choice for low and medium-loud settings.
  • For darkening up blues, jazz, and R&B settings, among others, the Masters Dark Flat Ride from Bentley's Drum Shop is the perfect companion to have at your disposal during your next performance or studio session!
Paiste Masters Dark Flat Ride Features:
  • Made from Paiste’s traditional bronze formula
  • Darker, warmer tone with good response and control
  • Slightly trashier wash with a smokey ring
  • Pairs well with blues, jazz, and R&B settings
  • Great for darkening up studio sessions and soft to medium-loud live settings
  • Available in 20-inch and 22-inch diameters

Don't let this incredible cymbal pass you by!

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