A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Cajita Ritmica CJ-CAJIT-01 with Video Link

A Tempo Percussion

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Here we have the A Tempo Percussion Peruvian Cajita Ritmica ! 

This is a unique Afro-Peruvian instrument for holding time and soloing much like the cowbell in Afro-Cuban music. It's played by Striking each surface of the box with the beater while clapping the top of the box down. Different tones can be achieved by how far the lid is opened when the box is struck. Made from solid American Muskwood with removable handle.

  • Carrying Strap, Padded Bag and Beater
  • Made From American Muskwood
  • Size Dimensions: ~ 30.5 x 30.5 x 22.9 cm
  • Made In Peru

Don't let this deal pass you by ! 


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