DW 10/12/16/22 Collector's Series SSC Pure Maple Drum Kit Set in Broken Glass


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Check out this beautiful brand new DW 10/12/16/22 Collector's Series SSC Pure Maple drum kit set in Broken Glass!

Maple is the most popular wood for drum making because it's a hardwood that produces maximum resonance, projection and attack. Combined with reinforcement hoops, it can produce a more focused sound and is well suited for live and studio applications!

SSC stands for Specialized Shell Configuration. It's the culmination of more than a decade of DW Custom Shop shell technology and represents the state-of-the-art in sonic customization. So what is SSC? Put simply, it's DW's recommended shell configuration that utilizes HVLT, VLT, X, and VLX shell technologies!

Drum Sizes (Depth x Diameter)

  • 8x10" Rack Tom
  • 9x12" Rack Rom
  • 16x16" Floor Tom
  • 16x22" Bass Drum

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