EFNOTE 7 Acoustic Design 7-Piece Electronic Drum Kit Set in Silver Sparkle


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The EFNOTE 7 gives drummers a whole new experience and exhilaration with the overwhelmingly realistic touch of full-scale shells/cymbals, and the brilliant sound remastered to match them perfectly.

The acoustic sized drum shells provide the look and response of acoustic drums.

Maple toms, wood hoops on the bass drum, and larger cymbal sizes add to the acoustic kit effect.

8x11 rack tom

15x15 floor tom

15x20 bass drum

5.5x14 snare

14" hi hats

16" crash

20" ride cymbal


8 channel individual audio outs make this an ideal kit for recording. The EFNOTE 7 module also includes bluetooth in, audio in and click can be routed to headphones only, a setlist feature to program your click/kit sounds/etc to suit individual songs.

Sound edit feature provides tuning, muffling, eq for each pad as well as layering, reverb and level.

* Hihat and bass drum pedal not included.

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