Meinl Percussion PCTT Pickup Cajon Tom Tap


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The MEINL Pickup Cajon Tom and Snare Taps allow you to create a cajon drum set configuration to expand your grooves. Available as a tom or snare sound, these small, hollow wooden accessories respond in a big way from a tap with your hands or bundle sticks. Their snapping percussive effects mimic a high-pitched tom or a crisp snare drum. A natural mix of sound is easy to get and is perfect for small acoustic rooms, or you may plug into an amp or PA with the quarter-inch output jack when extra amplification is needed. Adjust the volume with the knob on the side. The Pickup Cajon taps are ideal to expand your cajon set up or add to your percussion rig.
•Features: Equipped with pickup and a quarter-inch output jack + volume knob
•Features: Hollow wooden body produces a high-pitched tom sound
•Features: Play with your hands or bundle sticks
•Features: Standard eye bolt mount to add to your cajon set up or percussion rig
•Features: Ideal for acoustic shows
•Size: 10 3/4"

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