Native Tongue Percussion Hi Hat Stryker Kit STK-HHM

Native Tongue Percussion

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Add a Hi-Hat to Your Hand Drum Play

The Native Tongue Percussion Hi-Hat Stryker is an innovative patented hand striking system for hand percussionists to add hi-hat rhythms to their drum playing while maintaining two hand drum patterns without interrupted play by having to pick up and place back down a drumstick or limiting one of their hands to holding a drumstick.

Includes a hi-hat clutch that fits most standard hi hat rods and places the Stryker at an ideal distance above the top cymbals

The Hi-Hat Stryker is constructed from durable reinforced nylon and stainless-steel metal parts. It is engineered for an impactful hand strike to produce an effective tone like striking with a drumstick, able to cut through a sound mix.

Hi-Hat Stryker Features:

  • Patented NTP Stryker System
  • Includes a hi-hat clutch that places the Stryker at an ideal distance above the top cymbal.
  • Padded hand striking surface for comfortable play
  • Length adjustable for variable sound options and fit for various sizes of hi-hat cymbals.

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