Slingerland Radio King Black Nickel Plated Tom and Bass Drum Lugs


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Here is a Brand New set of 8 Slingerland Beavertail Black Nickel Plated Lugs! These are the larger style ones for Floor Toms and Bass Drums!

These are perfect retrofitted replicas of the old Slingerland Beavertail Lugs! But the best part is these are not made of cheap pot metal like the old ones, these are made of better quality metal and are black nickel plated for that modern shine and durability!

The size of these lugs from center hole to center hole is 2 1/4" and the footprint of the lug measures 2 3/4"! These will be great for that custom set or snare drum that you are building, or just great for replacing your old Slingerland Beavertail lugs that are cracking or damaged! You will not be able to find these Brand New replicas anywhere else so get them while you can!

Any questions just call Bentley's Drum Shop

We also have smaller Slingerland Radio King lugs available at $45.99 for 8!!! WOW!!!!! Say What?!?!!

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