Tama 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Acrylic Starclassic Mirage 10/12/14/16/22" Drum Set Kit MBA52RZBNS


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Here we have the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Tama Starclassic Mirage Drumset!

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Since the 1970s, acrylic drums have been sought after for their unique sound and sleek look. Over the last two decades, TAMA has released limited edition acrylic drum kits of their own, starting with the Starclassic Mirage in 2007. To commemorate TAMA's beginnings, the Starclassic Mirage will return as a limited edition 50th Anniversary model.

Characterized by strong attack and thunderous tone, Starclassic Mirage's seamless acrylic shells deliver unmatched sound and stunning looks. In addition to its controlled, punchy, and rich sound, acrylic remains unaffected by changing climates, making it perfect for use in any environment. The darker Black Nickel shell hardware perfectly complements the clear shells, ensuring that audiences and drummers alike will be instantly captivated by their stage presence.

Sizes & Features:

  • 7" (Depth) x 10" (Drumhead) Rack Tom
  • 8" (Depth) x 12" (Drumhead) Rack Tom
  • 12" (Depth) x 14" (Drumhead) Floor Tom
  • 14" (Depth) x 16" (Drumhead) Floor Tom
  • 16" (Depth) x 22" (Drumhead) Kick Drum
  • MC69 Single Tom Attachment x2
  • Rack Tom Memory Locks x2
  • Color: Crystal Ice (CI)
  • 50th Drum Key

*Tom stands NOT INCLUDED. Used only for picture purposes

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